App I Used in Story Time (M Week)

The app that I used in story time this week (for “M” week) was from the PBS Kids app.

at the zoo app

It was the “At the Zoo” app, which had a nice monkey to connect it to the letter “M”.

information for parents

I also love pointing out that these PBS Kids apps are super fun, in part because they have loads of information for the parents. This part gives ideas of what the parents can do with their kids to help them learn more concepts.

easy or hard

For story time purposes I did the “easy” version of the game…but I love how you can also do a “hard” version.

app give monkey 2 bananas

The app asks the kids to give the monkey a certain number of bananas. Of course the monkey is thinking of the number of bananas that he wants. I had the kids count the number of bananas that the monkey wanted and then we counted again as we gave the bananas to the monkey.

app 2 bananas

I think the kids really liked the monkey.

app 1 banana

The app has the kids do this three times and gives a different number each time (1-3).

app 3 bananas

I especially like how the monkey holds one banana with a foot when there are three bananas to be held. Such a fun little game for the kiddos to play.

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