Aphrodite by George O’Connor


Aphrodite Goddess of Love
George O’Connor
4 Stars

In this latest edition of the “Olympians” series of graphic novels, readers will learn about Aphrodite (and why every god/goddess tends to pay attention to her). Just like the shiny apple on the cover, this goddess knows that she is something special. Readers will like how the beginning of Aphrodite’s story begins not just when she comes out of the water but when her essence is around from the very beginning—which was one reason why Zeus decides to call her his “daughter” instead of acknowledging how ancient her power truly is. (And for those readers who get a little lost as to how all the gods and goddesses are related, there is a great graph at the beginning of the book.) The rest of the typical myths associated with Aphrodite are included as well (such as Eros, Pygmalion, or Eris throwing a golden apple to the “most beautiful” of the gods). All in all, this is a pretty comprehensive look at this particular goddess. And it is told with clear text and detailed panels of illustrations. Those who have enjoyed the rest of this series will want to continue with Aphrodite’s well-written story.

Book Discussion Questions:
Why would some of the gods/goddesses be afraid of Aphrodite?
Why did Zeus call her his daughter, even when she wasn’t?
Why would the goddess of love agree to a marriage to Hephaistos?
Which god/goddess do you think is the most powerful? Why?
If you were a type of Pygmalion, what would your ideal love be like/look like? Why?

First Second, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-59643-739-5
FORMAT: Graphic Novel
AGES: Young Adult

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