Reading Adventures: Me and My Dragon

The Reading Adventures crew had a lot of fun last month. The program was based on the book Me and My Dragon.

reading the book

We started out by reading the book together. And we had over a dozen copies of the book, so all the kids got to read along with me.

getting ready to throw food

After we read the book we played a game where they threw plastic food at a couple of dragons.

throwing food at the dragons

The kids sure had fun throwing the food at the dragons. I just wish that we had done it so that more kids could throw all at once.

craft table set up

After that game we put together some dragons for the kids to take home. Each kid got an empty plastic bottle and a piece of colored paper to make the base of their dragon.

dragon parts

Then there were other dragon parts that were on different colors. The kids got to choose what colors they put together for their dragons.

making dragons

The kids had loads of fun putting their dragons together.

finsihed dragon

Such a fun program! And the dragons looked pretty fun when they were finished.

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