A to Z Story Time: O Week

o books

This past week was letter “O” week at story time.

oh my onomatopoeia

And one of my favorite words that have to do with the letter “O” is onomatopoeia. So of course I wanted to do my literacy game so it had that word as what we did.

onomatopoeia sounds so great to be ya

After explaining how onomatopoeia is the name for sounds that your write out (and I did give examples like “moo” for a cow or “vroom” for a car) I had them say this chant three times.

pig sound

Then I asked what animal made the following sound.

pig picture

They guessed the pig right off. Then I had them say the onomatopoeia for a pig is oink oink!

train sound

Then we did it again.

train picture

Only with a train.

telephone sound

And again…

telephone picture

with a phone. This was actually a very tricky one. Because most kids don’t really know what an old-fashioned telephone ring is (apparently their parents all have fun ring tones that don’t sound like a traditional “ring ring” telephone onomatopoeia). The kids all thought it was a bell. And then the parents laughed at the picture…I think because they were picturing a more traditional phone (even though I didn’t think any of the kids would actually know what that was). The fun thing was that after this literacy game was over, there were still kids that were changing the word onomatopoeia. Which means I think this one was successful. Huzzah!

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