A Posse of Princesses by Sherwood Smith

The name is dumb. The book is dumb. I almost didn’t read it because of the two. But, what honest librarian can tell the teens at her book group not to judge a book by the cover and then turn down this particular title (by an author she loves) just because the cover and title are dumb?
Well, I’m glad I read it. Yet again, another really good teen fantasy full of strong princesses who are as kind as they are smart (and beautiful). Princess Rhis is from a wealthy (but small) kingdom. She is invited to Prince Lios‘ coming of age party. Every prince or princess in all the surrounding kingdoms are to attend. Unfortunately, some of them are not quite as nice as Princess Rhis. It even turns out that Princess Rhis even prefers the company of the funny scribe than the eligible prince. However, when the most annoying princess in all the lands is kidnapped, Princess Rhis decides that she and a few other princesses (thus the Posse of Princesses) must go to the rescue.

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