The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

burning bridge

The Burning Bridge
John Flanagan
4 Stars

Will is a ranger’s apprentice. He and Halt (his ranger master) discover a plan for the evil Lord Morgarath to conquer the land. Of course the rangers do everything in their power to stop the potential destruction. However, the plans that they discovered are actually false and were planted by their enemies. Will and a young Battleschool apprentice named Horace discover a dangerous bridge that has secretly been built. This bridge can bring a new mass of enemies into the land from an area of harsh land so nobody would suspect.

This is a great sequel to the Ruins of Gorlan. Will is still trying to figure out his proper place in the world and how to discern what to do in various situations. However, he has made good progress. In fact, with the giant cliff-hanger of an ending I believe almost any reader will forgive his faults due to situation and what he does end up accomplishing despite the rather harsh consequences. And to top it all off, John Keating did an excellent job at doing the audio version of this book. The pacing was just right filled with tension in all the right spots. This seriously is a grand edition to an adventure-filled fantasy novel.

Book discussion questions:
If you were Will, what would you have done at the bridge? Why?
It seems like many in the kingdom are grateful for the rangers and many dislike the rangers. Why do you supposes that is so?
Will and Horace become good friends, but they still get frustrated with each other. Does this happen to you? What do you do about it?
Why do you think the author left the book with such a cliff-hanger? Do you think it worked?
Why did Horace challenge lord Morgarath? How was he able to survive? What do you suspect will happen to him (and the kingdom) as a result of his fight?

Recorded Books, 2006
ISBN: 978-1-4281-1053-3
Performed by John Keating
Format: Audio Book
Ages: Young Adult

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