I’m the Scariest Thing in the Jungle! by David G. Derrick, Jr.

im the scariest thing in the jungle

I’m the Scariest Thing in the Jungle!
David G. Derrick, Jr.
4 Stars

A young crocodile and a young tiger are stopped when their mothers start talking while at a waterhole. The young croc decides to scare the young tiger cub and declares that “I’m the SCARIEST THING in the jungle!” Of course the cub disagrees with the crocodile. Then each youngster goes on to tell the other just exactly why they are scarier than the other. Of course they get so caught up in telling each other why they are scary that soon they find they are alone and their mothers are nowhere in sight. To top it off, something is coming…and they are just a wee bit scared. Thankfully in the end they both agree that the scariest thing in the jungle really is their moms.

This is a fun story about two of the most feared animals in the jungle. Of course the looks on their faces as they scare each other and how they show off is just as hilarious as the fact that these two animals might be arguing over who is the “scariest” animal. And young children who know the power of their moms will like the ending where they both come to an agreement as to what is truly scary.

What to do after reading this book:
Go to the zoo and visit the crocodiles and the tigers.
Talk about what makes an animal scary.
Pretend to be a crocodile or a tiger.
Wear a green shirt and be a crocodile or wear a striped shirt to be a tiger.
Read a book about the jungle and discover what other animals live there.

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