A to Z Story Time: S Week

symbols on signs

For the “S” story time this past week I wanted to do a literacy game (that you can get here) that showed that the kids can “read” even if they can’t actually “read” letters and words. Because symbols are a good way to “read” as well.

letters arent the only way to go

So we did a little chant to show that letters aren’t the only way to “read” things.

stop sign

I put this sign up first and asked what it meant. Every single kid know the answer. When I “read” the actual word “STOP” on the sign and asked if they “read” it, they all said no. They had just saw the sign and knew what it meant.

school crossing

One other example was the school crossing sign. I love that the kiddos didn’t even know that they could “read” already. Such fun.

s books

I also loved the books I did this week. I read Perfect Square and Stick!, which are two of my favorites. But then I showed pictures (it was a little too long to read to the kiddos) A Little Book of Sloth. The kids loved this one. They thought the pictures of the sloths were so cute. Such fun!

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