Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception by Maggie Stiefvater

Sometimes I find a book that captivates me. One of those sometimes was yesterday. I came to work and saw a book on hold for me. That is not anything new. If there is a good book review in a journal of some sort that sounds interesting, I put it on hold. I was interested by this book. It is a paperback. Usually the review journals only write about new books. It turns out that this is a new book…it just was first published as a paperback.

That whole bit of rambling aside, I only read 17 pages of the book on my lunch break. By the time work was over, I had thought about those 17 pages for so long, that I couldn’t help but drop everything (except the Storytelling Guild Meeting) last night in order to read. And read I did.

Deirdre is a painfully shy teenager with a keen musical talent to play the harp that would rival almost anyone. As long as she can throw up before each performance, she will play so beautifully that even the faeries take notice. And notice they did. Soon Deirdre plays with Luke, who can play the wooden flute with the best of them. Even sooner than that, Deirdre falls in love with Luke. Too bad look is a faerie assassin who is sent on a mission by the Faerie Queen to kill Deirdre. And Luke isn’t the only fey who is trying to kill her. Scores of the fair folk soon appear and Deirdre doesn’t know what to do next.

James, Deirdre’s best (and only) friend is also around. And his ability to predict the future and play the bagpipes also has interested the fey. Turns out James also is in love with Deirdre.

A lot of fairies and a lot of romance. This book is one that I haven’t been able to put down or stop thinking about. Middle school and up (due to some bloody bits in the climax and a few lustful make out scenes–which are interrupted before they go too far).

5 shiny stars. If Stiefvater’s next two books (both due to come out at the latter end of this year) are as good as this one, then I might just have to buy all these books instead of checking them out. I think I might even have to buy this one. So good.

2 thoughts on “Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception by Maggie Stiefvater

  1. Yes, though not as long nor as detailed. But I can totally see Twilight fans liking this book! (Just remind them it is about faeries not vampires… 😉

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