App I Used in Story Time: Whose Toes Are Those?

So for “T” story time last week we played one particular app. It is called “Whose Toes Are Those?”

whoes toes are those

This is an app that my 2-year-old nephew can play for 10 to 15 minutes without getting bored.

whoes toes tiger toes

Basically you can see the toes of an animal that is behind the curtain. Then there are three choices as to which animal it might be. You have to guess which animal it is.

tiger toes

Then the curtain is raised when you guess the correct animal and the animal dances around. (You can see that the tiger’s tail is moving when I took this shot.) I loved how there was a tiger and we were looking at toes. Both things were perfect for the “T” theme of story time.

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