Are You Ready to Play Outside? by Mo Willems

I love Elephant and Piggy books! I think they are just super. In this book Piggy wants to play outside; however, as soon as she decides that, it starts to rain. Good thing Gerald is a good pal and can use his ear to make an umbrella for Piggy. But, then Piggy notices that the worms are having so much fun playing outside BECAUSE it is raining. Pretty soon Piggy and Gerald love running, jumping, and splashing in the rain. Of course as soon as they like playing in the rain, it stops raining. Will they learn how to like playing outside without the rain? Who knows? Great fun for showing just how kids think…and how they can have fun even when they don’t think that they can have fun. This should be standard reading for all kids in elementary schools in the Pacific Northwest (just for the fun idea of playing in the rain CAN be fun). 5 sparkley stars.

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