The Peanut by Simon Rickerty

the peanut

The Peanut: A Nutty Tale About Sharing
Simon Rickerty
4 Stars

Two little spider-like blob creatures (one blue and one red) find a peanut. They both decide that they want the peanut for themselves. One wants it for a hat. The other wants it for a pretend telephone. On and on it goes while the two creatures argue and fight over who should have possession of the peanut. Of course things get even trickier when a larger creature comes along and demands that the peanut is his. Then along comes an elephant. The elephant breaks the peanut shell in half and eats the peanuts inside. Then the creatures learn that sharing just might work.

This is a fun story about sharing. The two creatures seem like very good friends until they both want the same thing. The simplicity of the blobs and the background. I also really liked how the blobs are illustrated where the peanut looks more like a photograph and the elephant looks like a textured photograph/illustration. Also, the fact that the text is so simple will make it a sure hit for little ones with short attention spans for the text but love looking at all the details of the story and illustrations. Such a fun book.

Aladdin, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4424-8364-4
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool

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