I’m awake, and I’m not tired!

This last week has been a bear! All I could do was sleep, read, and sleep some more. My roommate had to make sure I ate, because I was too tired to even get out of bed to feed myself. Work was great…they were very good about letting me stay home until I could actually get up for more than two hours at a time. But, I have been so tired and sick, that not much has happened (except the car…see below) for the past week. As a result…I am totally trying to do even more whirl-wind packing! Maybe I can pack up my apartment while I sleep walk…I should think about that!

The other fun thing I learned is that spark plugs do make the world go round. Two days after talking to Becky and Rachel about spark plugs…my own “little Honda” (the mechanic’s words, not mine) didn’t start. The reason…spark plugs. Good thing every good mechanic has an extra set of spark plugs hanging around. Now my car is happy once again with a tune-up. Although my dad and his business friends called to make sure that the price I was quoted was fair. Gotta love dads who will make sure their gullible daughters aren’t being taken for a ride.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is doing well. If I don’t blog quite as much for a while…know that it is most likely due to packing. (Although I will try to throw in a few bits about books that I find at work. I seem to like finding those!)

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