Buddy and the Bunnies in Don’t Play with Your Food! by Bob Shea

don't play with your food

Buddy and the Bunnies in Don’t Play with Your Food!
Bob Shea
4 stars

Buddy is a monster. He doesn’t like flowers. He likes being mean to nature (“Outta my way, trees! Dry up, lake!”). And he wants to eat quite a few tasty bunnies. He finds three bunnies and is about to eat them when they tell him they are about to make cupcakes. He decides that if he waits to eat the bunnies he can eat the bunnies and the cupcakes. Then the bunnies want to go swimming. Then more bunny ideas come of other things to do. Eventually the bunnies (there are quite a few now) inform Buddy that he cannot eat them. He cannot play with his food, and he had been playing with the bunnies.

This is a silly story that kids who keep getting told “Don’t play with your food!” will enjoy. And there are things that will make the kiddos and the adults look at on a second or third reading (like the fact that there are more and more bunnies for each adventure…those bunnies sure multiply quickly). Or that the verso/dedication pages and the end pages are just as fun to look at as the rest of the story. Seriously, I fell in love with Bob Shea books years ago, and this one is a new Shea classic. The only thing that I wish was that Buddy had a different name. When I read the book out loud to a few kiddos…I felt like it was a tongue twister to say Buddy and bunnies so often so close together. And that one thing would make me want to practice reading the book quite a few times before I would even think about reading it in story time at the library. However, that one little thing isn’t enough to keep me from loving and recommending the book. I just have to make sure I am at the top of my reading-out loud-game before I pull it out for story time.

What to do after reading this book:
Pretend you are a monster.
Hop around the house/neighborhood like a bunny.
Do all the fun things the bunnies and Buddy do with one of your friends.
Talk about why Buddy didn’t eat the bunnies.
Draw a picture of things you would like to do with a new friend.
Go to a petting zoo that has bunny rabbits.

Disney Hyperion,  2014
ISBN: 978-142316807-2
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool

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