New Early Readers

There are three early readers that I have quite enjoyed recently. They are ones that young kiddos who are just learning to read will particularly enjoy.

clara and clem

Clara and Clem In Outer Space
Ethan Long

Clara and Clem make a rocket out of blocks. But then the rocket turns into a real rocket and takes them into outer space. Clara is ecstatic while Clem is a little worried about everything. But when all is said and done they both would love to go on another adventure.


Kallie George
illustrated by Genevieve Cote

Spark is a dragon who is learning how to control his fire. Spark tries to learn by roasting marshmallows–but the marshmallows all were burned to a crisp. Eventually Spark is asked to light the candles for his birthday cake. In order to not disappoint his friends who have come to help celebrate.

okay andy

Okay, Andy!
Maxwell Eaton III

Andy is an alligator who is looking for a bunny to eat. Preston, Andy’s friend, comes and spoils the bunny hunt. But he does help Andy have fun and get a laugh or two (not just with the bunnies but also with the other adventures involving some gifts and an owl).

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