Science Fun I Would Love to do with Preschoolers

In case I haven’t told you all yet, we are in the midst of Summer Reading sign-ups. What does that mean you may ask? It means that we are SUPER busy at the library. And if you come to the library and sign up for the Summer Library Program you can earn some pretty cool stuff. For free. But not only that, we have a theme to all the cool stuff we are doing.

This year the theme is Fizz! Boom! READ! And it is all about science. Here is my pinterest board showing just what science things I have enjoyed thinking about doing at the library.

As I have been planning and prepping all sorts of summer programs, I also found a lot of things I would love to do this summer with preschoolers. Alas, these didn’t make it to my June schedule, but I really, really wanted to let everyone know about these cool ideas. So. Here they are. In no particular order.

Ice Chalk from Reading Confetti

ice chalk

I love this idea. It just makes me happy. Preschoolers love playing with sidewalk chalk. (Heck, everyone loves playing with sidewalk chalk!) But how fun would it be to actually have sidewalk chalk that is cool and melts in the hot sun (and in Utah it sure gets hot, so this would be perfect!)

Dancing Raisins from 2 Big, 2 Little

dancing raisins

I love the simplicity of this experiment. And it was one I almost did for my STEM element of my water story time coming up…but I went for something with, well, water instead. 🙂 But I think preschoolers would be fascinated with how a raisin would “dance” around this cup. I know with my story time STEM elements the kiddos love doing some simple things. And then they do them over again. And again. And again. I think this is one they would particularly enjoy.

Gummi Bear Science from Royal Baloo

gummi bear science

This one just takes too much time for my story time STEM experiments (unless I can do a lot of prep work and the kids just look at everything). But I think this would be very helpful to show preschoolers just exactly how sugar and salt can change water…and gummi bears. I love how the people who did this science experiment also let the gummi bear from the water experiment be played with when it was just a blob. That is exactly how preschoolers like to learn about things. Love it.

Colored Water Play Balloons from Learn Play Imagine

colored water water balloons

If I was brave enough to have a kiddie pool outside after story time, I would be doing this science experiment (play). Basically you fill water balloons with colored water. Seriously cool, why didn’t I think of that? And then you let the kids pop the water balloons and see how the water changes color. I don’t think I could ever fill enough colored water water balloons for the preschoolers that I know around here.

Wind Activity from Mamaguru

wind activity

So for this science experiment preschoolers would blow through a straw and see what type of random objects they would be able to move with the straw. Some preschoolers I know still are learning the whole blowing vs. sucking through a straw concept, but that is just another science moment…right? 😉 But seriously, if you do this experiment you will entertain the preschoolers for hours. Although they might always blow through the straws when given a glass of milk rather than actually drinking…but they are learning about wind so it is all good, right?

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