Kid Food for Thought

One of the things that I like a lot is how creative people are when it comes to dressing up food for kids. Some people are just super creative and talented. Sometimes I just wish I had that talent and creativity. Here are some creative kid foods that I like:

A Solar System Plate by Creative Kid Snacks
This is a fun way to teach the solar system to young kiddos. And with a big science push for summer reading this year, it is a great idea for the little scientists.

Solar System 3

Snack Cake Stingers by Hungry Happenings
I know so many kiddos who love bugs. And how cute are these little bees. I think there would be loads of little kids who would want to eat these sweet bumbles.

Bumble Bee Twinkies, Buzzing snack cakes, bug themed party food, bumble bee cakes

Superhero Gingerbread Men and Women by Sugar Swings!
If you don’t know already, but I like superheroes. And I like gingerbread characters. And how cool is it that these gingerbread characters are superheroes? I don’t know any little hero that wouldn’t want to gobble up one of these sweet snacks.

superhero gingerbread characters

Cinderella Decorated Cookie by Sweetopia
If you know me you probably know my favorite fairy tale of all time. So it is no wonder that I (or any little princesses out there) would love to have this particular cookie. Although, it actually is so pretty I don’t know if I would even be able to eat it. I would probably just frame it like in this photo.

cinderella cookie

Sesame Street Cupcakes by Javacupcake
I love these little muppet cupcakes. It makes me so happy to even think of having a cupcake that looks like these little monsters. And I don’t think I am the only one. There are so many toddlers that are in love with Sesame Street. I could see these cupcakes just making a toddler’s day.



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