My Loving Vigil Keeping by Carla Kelly

my loving vigil keeping

My Loving Vigil Keeping
Carla Kelly
4 Stars

So the other day while at the library a patron told me about a book that she loved. And since all the books I was talking to her about were ones that she loved as well…I figured that this was a book I needed to read. And it was. This is a book about Della Anders, an orphan who lives with her aunt and uncle in 1899. And aunt who doesn’t like her humble circumstances and an uncle who could care less about even thinking about anything other than business. With a great determination Della decides to go and teach school in Winter Quarters, Utah (a mining town community). Of course there are new problems that come with teaching school in a place where the bread-winners face such dangers that come from coal mining. (And as a reader there is always a bit of worry since this is based on a time where a terrible mining accident happened and you know something horrible is coming Della’s way.) And then there is the miner Owen. He is so king and yet so stubborn. The type of character that is so good and so flawed that he actually seems real.

I found myself dreaming about this book (because I was crazy enough to start it without having enough time to finish it before I went to bed…though I did stay up rather late reading that night). The characters found a way to my head and my heart and I loved to see how they would stand up and make the best of a horrid situation. And I liked the nod to the LDS religion that plays such a great part to the story. Kelly didn’t shy away from giving details about what these characters believed or why they did what they did. It was just part of the fabric of the story. And I liked that. Plus I liked how each of the characters had to think through what it means to have a relationship and to put another person above yourself and what you think is best…all the while staying true to yourself. And that balance is ever so tricky to keep in check. A good, clean romance that stole my attention from the first page. Well done.

Bonneville Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-59955-897-4
FORMAT: Romance
AGES: Books for Adults

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