I recently went on a vacation. And of course I took a million pictures and wanted to share some of the with you all. And since it was one of those vacations where you go loads of places, this is just the first little bit of what I am sharing. (Yup, more to come…)

british museum

Our first stop was the British Museum. I actually loved going around in there looking at so many wonderful things. But I also enjoyed looking at the crowds of people who were looking as well. This one picture just shows what it was like to try to see all the famous works of art and artifacts.

british museum 2

This gem at the British Museum is the grate in the floor. Yeah, I thought it neat the even the grates were interesting to look at.

british museum 3

And this is an Egyptian Scarab that I took a picture of for one of my past roomies. I can never see an Egyptian Scarab without thinking of a certain friend of mine. 🙂

tower of london

This is in the Tower of London. It is actually a jail cell where people have carved their names and whatnot. But it also had a nice bench to sit down on…

tower of london 2

And some of the quarters for the Tower officers to live in.

tower of london 3

And the iconic soldier guarding the Crown Jewels.

tower bridge

The Tower Bridge when the bridge was up.


And a sight…

london 2

or two on our walk around London.


And what trip to London would we have without a visit to Buckingham Palace?

phone booth

Or a walk in Kensington Gardens where we found an iconic phone booth.


The Tardis was actually near our hostel. But it was fun to see each night as we headed to bed.


Then on to Bath. And this looked just like how I pictured it from the Persuasion movie adaptation.

bath 2

In fact, this was one of my favorite places to go in England.

bath 3

I just kept thinking about how Jane Austen had been there and how I was there.

bath 4

It made me quite happy to think about.


And who can go to England without a stop at Stonehenge?

stonehenge 2

Such an amazing place!

jane austen garden

And then we went to Jane Austen’s house. Of course I had to take some pictures of the flowers in her garden.

jane austen desk 2

And here is the little table she used as a desk for writing all her books.

jane austen desk

This is to give you a perspective of just how tiny it is.

jane austen closet

And speaking of tiny, so is her closet!

jane austen house

Ah, how I love her house! (Mostly because I love her books…) Such a fun way to start our trip!

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