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Now that I have seen the movie. The question is: did I like it? On the one hand, a lot of my favorite parts were in the movie. It was great to see them portrayed on screen. I liked many of the characters and particular scenes were great. On the other hand, some bits of the movie were WAY cheesy, and it wasn’t the book. I know, I know. Books are always better than the movie (except in the case of Princess Diaries…in which I would just skip the book and head straight to Blockbuster). However, in the Twilight Saga, one of my most favorite parts of the book is being inside Bella’s head. Every time something happens, Bella thinks through a reaction. The reader knows Bella better than Bella knows Bella. In the movie…you don’t hear Bella’s thoughts at all. In the movie you are watching Bella and only know the reasons behind her reactions because of having read the book. If you haven’t read the book….you just miss out.

Plus did I mention that some parts are just super cheesy? It was good for what it was. It wasn’t the book. Do I like it? Do I not? (Should I pull out a daisy and start plucking petals here?) But I think I need to see it once more before I decide if I really liked it…or not. I guess I am still just processing….processing…processing.

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  1. i saw it today too, and those are some of my same thoughts. Totally liked it more than I thought I would, I was prepared for the worst. Way to cheesy (like the sucking of blood at the end, and the whole Bella is sickening to Edward). I was upset that the whole Meadow and getting to know each other scenes were really mixed up as well. I think becaues you didn’t know what was in Bella’s heaad it was hard to understand why she suddenly was in love with this guy who was horribly rude to her all the time. There was no chemistry, and I think you only “got it” if you read the books. I still liked it though, but I want to see it again. My vote is yes you like it.

  2. Some other friends of mine agree with you, Alicia. They say I should just like it too. I will see it again this week with another set of friends…and then we shall see. But I think I just have to like it for putting on the screen a great story, even if only part of the great story. :0)

  3. Don’t give in!! Just kidding. I’m with you 100%, especially down to the I’ll decide the second time around. If you didn’t live so far away, I would go the second time with you! It was so incredibly cheesy, and the acting left a lot to be desired I thought. But it had it’s redeeming qualities and it was funny. And it stayed with the book for the most part. And I liked the foreshadowing at the end. Please share when you have formed a solid opinion. 🙂

  4. I can tell you that I have no intentions of seeing that film. I could tell by the previews that I would not like it. So You probably should just not like it Jo :).

  5. Okay, I have now seen this movie twice. And…I think it was okay. Not amazing, not horrid. But good. I still thought it was super cheesy, but because I knew what I was getting myself into…then it wasn’t like eating a can of processed cheese like it was the first time around.
    Plus, there are more subtle things that I missed or didn’t have as much emphasis when I was watching it for the first time. [You can see Edward react to more people’s conversations that he ‘listened’ to…or more bits from Jasper, Emmit, and other minor characters who were still just as stellar.] So, I liked it. I think it won’t ever be the book…but who really thought that it would? I just had to distance myself from the text I loved. Good. The movie was good. (Whew! Why did that seem so hard to figure out?!?)

  6. I have a page-long bulleted list of different thoughts about the movie. But I too have decided on a yes vote. 🙂 It was campy. And that’s ok. 🙂 It was pretty and campy at the same time, and I think the prettiness confuses people into thinking it’s going to be “quality.” Cheese is ok. 🙂 I think I’m due for a repeat viewing too. 🙂

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