The Isle of Man

The whole reason for going to Europe this summer was to go to the Isle of Man. This is a place where my ancestors came from and it was great to see so many wonderful things. And this is the part of the trip where all 26 of us were together. So much fun!

douglas boardwalk taking pictures

This is a picture of what my family does on vacation. We take pictures (if you haven’t guessed already).

douglas boardwalk

And here is the other view of this part of the Douglas Boardwalk–with the Manx flag at the top.

cregneash village

Cregneash Village was a fun place to see what life was like on the Isle of Man back in the day.

manx sheep

And there were even Manx sheep (sheep with four horns). So fun to see in person.

calf of man

The Calf of Man is the little island in the distance.

laxey wheel

The Laxey Wheel was a highlight to our trip. We have been wanting to see this wheel (and we have been singing about this wheel) for years!

laxey wheel from down below

So much fun to see!

laxey wheel at the bottom

Did you know that the Laxey Wheel keeps turnin’, turnin’, turnin‘?

laxey wheel from the back

In Lady Isabella’s memory…

little train group

But while in Laxey we also got to do another thing we have been waiting to do for years. Ride the Little Train!

little train joeseph driving

And this is the engine of that train. You can’t really tell, but Kavyn was so excited he was almost speechless.

little train cars

Seriously, such a fun place to see after researching it for years and years.

peel castle 1

And then there was Peel Castle.

peel castle 2

It lives on the Isle of St. Patrick.

peel castle 3

And is one of my new favorites–as far as castles go. Loved being on the Isle of Man!

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