We had a couple of hours in Ireland. And look at the great place that was our first stop:

trinity college 1

We went to see Trinity College and look at the Book of Kells.

trinity college 3

Besides seeing that great book, we got to see the library. And I am sure you all know just how much I drooled at seeing rows upon rows of beautiful books.

trinity college 2

I mean, just look at how beautiful they are.

trinity college 4

If you don’t believe me, just ask this little library fan. He was impressed!

st patricks cathedral

We also got to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral. And what an impressive building that was!

st patricks cathedral inside

And here is a glimpse at the inside. Alas, that is all my group had time for in Ireland…because just after this we headed to the airport to fly to sunny Spain.

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