Destination Unknown by Amy Clipston

destination unknown

Destination Unknown
Amy Clipston
3 Stars

Whitney Richards is the captain of the cheerleading squad. She is also trying to be the perfect daughter that her mother wants her to be. However, when her boyfriend, the captain of the football team breaks up with her on Valentine’s Day, she realizes that she isn’t all that upset about it. In fact, she never really enjoyed being his girlfriend all that much anyway. When her mother finds out that Whitney didn’t do very well on one calculus test she goes ballistic and makes Whitney get a math tutor. ¬†Whitney’s tutor, Taylor, is smart, has similar values, and is becoming Whitney’s best friend. Only her friends and mother are concerned because he is poor and comes from the wrong side of town. Whitney is tired of being controlled by what she should or shouldn’t do or be. Instead she wants to do her own thing and discover who she really is.

This is a fun, religious story about a girl who is trying to become her own person. However, the story is told in such a way that I felt like Whitney’s character kept telling me what was going on instead of just reading the story. And that did drive me nuts just a little bit. But I liked how this was a story about a good Christian girl who wasn’t an over the top crazy Christian that I have seen in other young adult literature lately. There are a lot of prayers and thoughts that Whitney thinks through to show how she feels and what her frustrations are and how she turns to God to solve them. But those who do not like religion in their stories will find it too much to deal with. Although it seems like a realistic amount for someone like Whitney who goes to church and youth group every week. This is a good, light story for those who like a character with a bit of religion in her soul.

Book discussion questions:
Why was Whitney so frustrated with her mother? What did she do about the frustrations? What should she have done?
Compare and contrast Whitney’s relationship with Taylor versus her relationship with Brett. Which one was better? Why or why not?
Why did Whitney decide to hide her relationship with Taylor from her mother? What should she have done instead of lying about going to prom with him?
Whitney didn’t turn to her friends when she got frustrated with them. Was that a wise decision? Why or why not? If not what should she have done instead?
Compare and contrast Whitney’s mom versus Taylor’s mom. How are they the same? ¬†How are they different?

Zondervan, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-310-73699-1
Format: realistic, Christian
Ages: young adult

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