Spain part 1

We went to Sunny Spain. And since I am short on time today, I am splitting this into two posts.

barcelona 1

One of the main things that we did in Barcelona, Spain was to go to Park Guell.

barcelona 2

It was a fun place to walk around.

barcelona 3

I thought there were just some interesting lines around the park.

barcelona 4

Along with some buildings that were just a little odd. (Or just had loads of corners like this one did.)

barcelona 5

The park was up in the hills and so had a great view of the main part of Barcelona.

barcelona 6

We also went to see Sagrada Familia.

barcelona 7

So interesting to see such a grand structure still under construction.

One thing I loved in Barcelona was how warm it was. And how many flowers were around the park. And I so love flowers. Here are a few pictures of my favorite flowers I saw.

flower 2

I love flowers.

flower 1

A lot. This blue flower was huge. I didn’t really put something in so you could see how large it was. But trust me, this flower is at least the size of my fist.

flower 3

Okay. That’s all I have time for today…hopefully more pictures of Spain soon.

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