Pamplona, Spain

The main reason we went to Spain was to go to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls.

pamplona waiting for the race

Here the three of us are waiting to watch the other three in our group who are running with the bulls.

pamplona trying to see the race

This is how my sister filmed the race. There were people on the fence and people sitting on the ground. We were the group that had to lean over the people on the ground to be in between.

pamplona the bull running

And here is our view. If you look closely you can actually see one of the bulls. One of his legs is by the guy’s (with the jeans) legs.

pamplona some racers

And once a few people cleared out (after the bulls past) I could get this shot to show some of the last runners going by. Those on the fence in front are the medics who are standing by waiting to help those who got hurt.

pamplona natalia and joella

After the race we got to walk around the city. We saw the statue of the running of the bulls.

pamplona square

And this is the city square where many people watch the running of the bulls on the big screen.

pamplona race route

Here we are walking back down the route that the runners ran. Only now all the stores are open and everything isn’t boarded up.

pamplona on a gate

And here are my siblings and I standing on one of the gates that line the streets.

pamplona little kids

And in case you were wondering, even the little kids on the street were dressed for the occasion. It was cool to be there and be part of it. It was neat to be there for the Running of the Bulls.


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