Stitching Snow by R. C. Lewis

stitching snow

Stitching Snow
R.C. Lewis
5 Stars

Essie keeps her own secrets. She is living on the planet Thanda and fights and fixes drones (stitching computer codes) to survive. Only everything changes once Dane comes and crashes near where she lives in Forty-Two. Suddenly Essie has to figure out how to either stand up and face her secrets and her past (while saving Dane’s life) or to harden and hide like she has for the past eight years. Only, it is hard for Essie to say no to helping Dane…even when he isn’t taking away all of her other options. And now Essie is in the middle of a war that spans multiple planets and multiple people. Only, she isn’t sure if she can stitch together enough codes to keep her and the worlds safe.

This is a brilliant re-telling of the fairy tale Snow White. Essie is a strong, amazing character. She didn’t have everything handed to her, but she still had enough grit and gumption to take control of her life and the world around her. Plus I loved how it had elements of Snow White but it didn’t force the whole story to be tied to the fairy tale. But there were apple references, seven “dwarfs”, and the kiss to complete the fairy tale. And now let’s talk about Dane. He is no prince charming who is just there to swoon over. Instead he has a personality. He gets angry and has strong emotional attachments to his family. He fights, he talks, and he plans. He is no stock character that the princess falls in love with and doesn’t see again until the wedding. He is there for all of the bits of the story. And once the romance started to really get going I couldn’t put the book down. Basically this book took over my life until I was able to finish reading it. But still I wish it was a wee bit longer just so I could keep enjoying it. Loved it. So much.

Book Discussion Questions:
Compare and contrast the fairy tale Snow White with Stitching Snow.
Describe Essie’s relationship with Dane. How did it change over the course of the book?
Why was the Queen upset with Essie?
Do you think the King really knew what the Queen was doing? Do you think if he did know if it would have changed anything?
Why didn’t Essie tell Dane the reasons as to why she didn’t want to go back?
What made the young boy in the school want to become one of the Princesses guards someday?

Hyperion, Disney Book Group, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4231-8507-9
FORMAT: Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Adventure, Fairy Tale Retelling
AGES: Young Adult
Reviewed from a Galley

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