The Adventure of the Priory School

adventure of the priory school

The Adventure of the Priory School
Adapted by Vincent Goodwin
Illustrated by Ben Dunn
3 Stars

This is another edition of “The Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Homes.” This story is of Sherlock’s case of finding the missing Priory School boy. Of course like any other Sherlock mystery this is a lot of observation of subtle clues ending with Sherlock and Watson solving the case and saving the day. At the beginning of the book there is a “Cast” of characters that help young readers identify which characters look like what. This is a great tool for those who are just learning how to read graphic novels and need to know each character by sight in order to completely understand the story. Also, there are thick black and white lines to separate each panel on the various spreads. This will also help novice graphic novel readers understand how each panel is the next piece of the story. There is also a “How to Draw Dr. John Watson” page and a glossary of potentially unfamiliar words. With Sherlock Holmes being quite the revived sensation, this is a good book for the younger readers to understand who this famous detective is and why he and Watson will always be a part of society’s culture.

2014, Magic Wagon, ABDO Group
ISBN: 978-1-61641-973-8
FORMAT: Graphic Novel
AGES: Elementary School

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