True (…sort of) by Katherine Hannigan

true sort of

True (…sort of)
Katherine Hannigan
5 Stars

Delly is the type of girl that always tends to get into trouble. It isn’t because she is mean and wants to make trouble. It is just that trouble seems to find her. One day when Delly wakes up she feels that she is about to get a surpresent (a surprise that is a present). And it turns out the surpresent she gets is a new friend named Ferris Boyd. Ferris doesn’t talk and she doesn’t want anyone to touch her. But she is good at listening and she is good at basketball. Now Delly, her younger brother RB and another kid named Brud Kinney are going to try to figure out just what kind friend they need to be for Ferris Boyd.

This is a good book. There is so much in here, so much to talk about. It was perfect for our mother/daughter book club at the library. The reasons for Delly being so rambunctious, the reasons for Ferris Boyd being so stand-offish, the reasons that Brud Kinney decides to play basketball are all more than they seem at the surface. And Delly and all the rest have to figure out those reasons and then figure out what to do with what they find. Life is complicated. But life can be good if you have good people to be there for you. This book is one that stayed with me for days after I read it. Well done.

Book Discussion Questions:
If you could make up any word that would mean anything what would it be and what would it mean?
Why did Delly want Ferris Boyd to be her friend? Why didn’t she want her to be her friend to begin with?
If you could have a Delly Day with your parent, what would you pick to do and why?
Why was Delly so upset when she learned that Ferris Boyd was friends with Brud Kinney? Did she do the right thing by telling Brud that Ferris was a girl? Why or why not?
Do you have a secret place? What is it like? If you don’t have a secret place, what would you want your secret place to be like? Why?

Greenwillow Books, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-06-196873-0
FORMAT: Realistic Fiction
AGES: Elementary School, Middle School

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