My parents and my sister and I just got back from Japan. (As in less than 24 hours ago…) And I thought I would put my favorite pictures from the trip (which was hard seeing how there were hundreds of pictures I took) here.

first meal in Japan

This was my first meal in Japan. And we had to order from a machine that was all in Japanese (so we had no idea what we were ordering).

entrance to a shrine

This was the entrance to the first shrine we visited.

hello kitty store

I had no idea just how popular Hello Kitty was. (I thought I had an idea…but I really didn’t!) This is a Hello Kitty store in the heart of Tokyo.

hear no evil speak no evil see no evil

We also went up to Nikko where the famous Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil monkey carving is.

cute kid

In Nikko there was so much to see. Cute kids,


Other tourists in kimonos,

country bridge

The sacred bridge,

rice on a stick

And rice on a stick (to eat…not just to see).

group in Nikko

And Nikko is where we got our one and only group picture.

bullet train

And one of my dad’s favorite things was riding the bullet train back to Tokyo…

tokyo tower

Where we got to visit the Tokyo Tower.

fish market

We also got to visit the famous Tsukiji Fish Market.


And see some pagodas.


Where a geisha was walking around.

tokyo temple

Our hotel was by the Tokyo Temple…which was great because that meant we could walk by it on our way to the chapel on Sunday.

kamakura buddha

Before we took a train to see the Kamakura Buddha.

city bridge

And we got to see more shrines (and here was a bridge on the way to one of the shrines).

ramon museum

And we went to the Raumen Museum and ate some Japanese Raumen! (So good…)


This was seriously a fun trip. Now to unpack and get back to real life! (And a sleeping schedule in my home time zone…)

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