Train! by Judi Abbot


Judi Abbot
4 Stars

Little Elephant loves trains. So much that his parents decide to take Little Elephant on a trip to ride a real train. There Little Elephant meets some new friends. But they don’t love trains the same way that he does. Soon there are toddler-sized arguments about what modes of transportation are better. Which turn into a nice little chant perfect for reading at story time. The illustrations are great and are perfect for little youngsters who love not only cars and planes and trains but also loves animals like elephants and bunnies and cats and penguins. The bright colors aren’t just part of the pictures, but it also has bright colors that surround the different transportation words. This is another spectacular edition to the transportation and toddler book world.

What to do after reading this book:
Ride a train.
Go for a walk and see how many different kinds of transportation you can see.
Make a car out of random supplies found around the house.
Make a paper airplane.
Play trains or cars with some of your friends.

Tiger Tales, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-58925-163-2
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool

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