The Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

hug machine

The Hug Machine
Scott Campbell
4 Stars

One little boy is the Hug Machine. And the fact that the end pages have little boxes to check off what the Hug Machine has hugged just goes to show how serious this boy is about giving away hugs. Nothing is safe from getting a hug. People, plants, objects. They all receive great hugs. Nothing is too prickly or too large to get a hug from the Hug Machine. But what happens when the Hug Machine can hug no more? Well, there is always room for one more hug.

This is a great book. Not only for Valentine’s Day (a great hugging holiday) or other such time of year when hugs are in abundance, but it is also great for the everyday moments when little ones just need a little hug or two. Plus the fact that the hugs seem so much more boy-friendly when it is presented as a “Hug Machine” instead of some sweet and smoochy thing will be perfect for all those who don’t love the overly sweetness that often comes with hugs. So even with a pink cover and pink-filled book, this is a great book for all sorts of kids who need and love hugs.

What to do after reading this book:
Give a hug to everyone in sight.
Give as many hugs to as many objects as possible.
Write a letter or draw a picture and send it (and a written hug) to someone you love.
Become a Hug Machine for a day.
Ask your favorite people to give you a hug.

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4424-5935-9
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool

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