Kittens by Alex Kuskowski


Alex Kuskowski
3 Stars

As part of the “SandCastle Baby Animals” series, this particular book focuses on telling early readers all about kittens. Each double page spread has a picture on the left page and text on the right. The pictures are color photographs of various kittens (some with their different pet owners, some doing kitten behaviors). The page with the text has two to six lines of text containing simple sentences. The font is a large point size sans-serif with lots of white space surrounding the text. This is perfect for the beginning readers who are just learning their letters. Each page also has a circle with a page number it in. This also helps readers who want to be conscious of just how many pages they are reading. With a bonus “did you know” section along with a glossary and true/false “Kitten Quiz” at the back of the book, this is one solid nonfiction book for those just learning to read.

ABDO Publishing Company, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-61783-838-5
AGE: Beginning Reader
FORMAT: Non-fiction

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