Star Wars Knight Errant

star wars knight errant

Star Wars Knight Errant Aflame
Script by John Jackson Miller
Pencils by Ivan Rodriguez
Inks by Ivan Rodriguez and Belardino Brabo
Colors by Michael Atiyeh
Lettering by Michael Heisler
Cover art by Joe Quinones
2.5 Stars

This is the fifth volume of this particular Star Wars series. On the cover page there is a four paragraph description as to what has happened in the previous volumes. Without this description, readers will not understand all that has happened (and thus what is happening).However most readers won’t care to read those paragraphs and will instead skip to the illustrated panels of the graphic novel. The graphic novel fans, especially Star Wars fans, will still gladly read this small moment of a story (one can tell that this volume is a part of a larger whole). Mostly the panels are simple divisions of the pages (in one, two, three, or four rectangles); however, there are a few panels (where there is a grander bit of action) that have panels on top of panels or panels that are diagonally arranged across the page. The change in panel illustration does show the importance of specific moments. However, seeing how this is just a small part of a larger story, (and the end of the larger story arc) most readers won’t notice these subtle action clues. They will instead just be racing through the story to find out how the other four volumes led to this climax.

Spotlight, Dark Horse Comics, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-59961-990-3
AGE: Elementary School, Middle School
FORMAT: Graphic Novel

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