Smek for President! by Adam Rex

smek for president

Smek for President!
Adam Rex
3.5 Stars

Tip and J.Lo are in for even more adventures in this sequel to “The True Meaning of Smekday.” J.Lo wants to head to New Boovworld, the Boov’s new planet located on one of Saturn’s moons, in order to clear his name from all wrong-doings that happened with the Boov’s failed attempt at conquering Earth. Tip wants to go on anther adventure (even though it doesn’t seem like her mother is willing to let her go with J.Lo). Once they get to New Boovworld, the two realize that clearing J.Lo’s name might be harder than they thought. Smek is running for president (thanks to the fact that the Earth’s failed takeover has made some Boov realize that Smek might not be the best leader the Boov have to offer. So when Smek realizes that J.Lo is around again, he decides to cast all blame (for everything horrible that the Boov have had to endure) on J.Lo. Scientific drama is all around. Can J.Lo clear his name? Can Tip survive another day? Will either one ever get back to Earth again?

This is another hilarious science fiction edition to library shelves. This book is especially perfect for those that loved seeing how Tip and J.Lo saved the world. But the best part is, this isn’t a remake of previous adventures. This isn’t another adventure where Tip and J.Lo save two species from the Gorg. Instead, this is a real look at what the aftermath of what the near-invasion and near double-invasion would have done to all Boov-kind, with a lot of comedic twists.

Disney-Hyperion, 2015
ISBN: 9781484709511
AGES: Elementary School
FORMAT: Science Fiction

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