Teach Me To Love by Denise Brennan-Nelson

teach me to love

Teach Me to Love
Denise Brennan-Nelson
3 Stars

This is a book where little baby animals ask their grown-up animals how to do certain things: to swing, follow, play, or whatnot. Each little page has a photograph of some sort of baby animal often with the other animals and a bit of text that explains just what the baby animal needs to learn. For example, on a page where a mama giraffe is stretching her head down to little baby giraffe’s level so they can touch foreheads it reads, “Teach me how to be a friend. Show me how to stretch and bend.” And so goes all other little rhymes.

As far as text (and sometimes photographs) go, this is a decent book. But the reason I am paying attention to this book is that it is the perfect book to read at a baby storytime (for really little pre-walker babies). I wouldn’t read all the pages in one storytime, but I would read a few pages each week. And this is the type of book that moms will ooh and aah over while giving their little ones a bit of extra love. Such a fun potential moment for reading to the especially little babies who just need a few rhymes and reasons to cuddle while reading a book. And for that purpose, I have enjoyed this book.

Sleeping Bear Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-58536-858-7
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Baby and Toddlers

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