Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters by Shannon Hale

forgotten sisters

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters
Shannon Hale
3.5 Stars

In this third edition of the Princess Academy series, Miri has her work cut out for her as a governess to three forgotten sisters who live in a swamp. In order to save the kingdom one of these three sisters must be molded into a princess fit for a marriage alliance with a neighboring country. Only, these girls want nothing to do with Miri or her Princess Academy schooling. In order to save Miri’s home, she must teach these girls so that the king will give the land to the people of Mount Eskel. Of course there is more here than Miri just showing up to teach three sisters. There are evil plots and dangerous men (not to mention all the naturally dangerous creatures that live and hunt in a swamp environment). Miri must have her wits about her in order to save her home, and her kingdom, once again.

This is a good third tale in the series. It showcases Miri’s determination and knowledge that she has gained from her previous two adventures.┬áMiri was great in providing interesting ways for the sisters to want to learn, especially since the sisters don’t really want to learn right to begin with (Miri has to sneak learning in whenever she can). However, part of the story did seem a bit far-fetched. For example, when Miri and the sisters need to sneak everyone back into the castle there is a conveniently forgotten secret passage…that just the right people happen to know about. Or if they are about to be captured, there happens to be another secret hideaway in the Queen’s Castle that they can take advantage of. Although that is just a small complaint compared to the fun read that this book turned out to be. This book has ingenuity, adventure, and a bit of romance–all in all a perfect tale to end Miri’s adventures.

Bloomsbury, 2015
ISBN: 9781619634855
FORMAT: Fantasy
AGES: Elementary School, Middle School

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