Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman

shadow scale

Shadow Scale
Rachel Hartman
4 Stars

This is the sequel to Seraphina, a book about a half-dragon/half-girl who must save her kingdom. In this sequel, the world knows that Seraphina is half-dragon, but in order to once again save the kingdom (this time from a evil leader who wants the dragon’s army to come and destroy everything) she must go and gather all the rest of the half-dragon/half-humans so they can create a defensive net against the flying dragons. Of course Seraphina still has no idea how to do all that she is tasked to do, but with a heart full of courage and determination she knows she must try. Not only that, but her true love, Prince Lucian, is still determined to marry his cousin the Queen (even though he loves Seraphina as much as she loves him) for the good of the kingdom. Throw in a evil half-dragon who can control the minds and wills of others, and Seraphina has more to deal with than she has ever bargained for.

This is another adventure-packed book in a world unlike any other in fantasy-land. Seraphina is one of those characters that will stay with readers long after they finish reading her story. Although at times it feels that Seraphina fumbles from one part of her story to the next (she really has no idea what she is up against, and it is truly amazing that she figures it all out as much as she does), readers will not mind since they have no idea how to stop the evil that our heroine faces either. And as Seraphina’s determination and confidence grows, so will the legend of this great character. Well done, Ms. Hartman. Well done.

Random House Books for Young Readers, 2015
ISBN: 9780375866579
FORMAT: Fantasy
AGES: Young Adult

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