Hidden by Loic Dauvillier


Hidden: a Child’s Story of the Holocaust
written by Loic Dauvillier
illustrated by Marc Lizano
color by Greg Salsedo
translated by Alexis Siegel
5 Stars

A child wakes up and finds that her grandmother is awake as well. Only her grandmother is awake because of her memories of the Holocaust. The little girl convinces her grandmother to tell her all about the sad things that happened to her many years ago. Although the grandmother doesn’t want to tell her sad story to begin with, she does. Both granddaughter and grandchild are glad that the tragic story was told.

This is an amazing retelling of one grandmother’s story of the Holocaust and how she decides to share the story with her granddaughter. Although the story isn’t as harsh as many other Holocaust memories, it is harsh enough that young children will get the gist of how horrid that time was. This is one of the most beautiful renditions of a child’s prospective of the Holocaust. Although there is one part that could make some kids squirmish or ask questions. The book tells of an incident where a boy had to pull down his pants in front of a classroom full of boys to show that “Jews had a piece of wee-wee missing.” Although it tells this story, nothing is shown. And I would have no qualms to give this book to a youngster who is just learning about the horror that is called the Holocaust. Well done. I’m glad this book can show the world (in a delicate way that a child can understand) of this part of history.

First Second, 2014
ISBN: 9781596438736
FORMAT: Historical, Graphic Novel
AGES: Elementary School, Middle School

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