Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Dragons Love Tacos

Adam Rubin

Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

Dial Books for Young Readers, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-8037-3680-1

FORMAT: Picture Book

AGES: 3-6

3 Stars


One boy learns that dragons love tacos. At one point the question is asked “Hey dragon, why do you guys love tacos so much?” But there is no answer given. Apparently dragons love tacos because they just do. So the boy goes out of his way to make a whole bunch of tacos for the dragons—to have a taco party. But dragons do not like spicy salsa…so he has to stay away from that. Although that is easier said than done. The “totally mild salsa” has some spicy jalapeno peppers in it…so the dragons end up burning the boy’s house down. But it’s okay because the dragons help build another house while the boy provides tacos for the dragons to eat.

This is an interesting book. I can’t quite get the point as to why dragons like tacos or why the boy would go to so much trouble for the dragons (are they friends? He does have a dragon bedroom…but really?). But it is quirky enough that I enjoyed it. Kids who are especially interested in dragons, tacos, or boys who make a houseful of tacos for a hoard of dragons to eat might enjoy this crazy story. And the fact that it is so bizarre might make it worth a look.


What to Do After Reading This Book:

Make tacos.

Have a taco party.

Talk about what kind of animals might like what kind of people food and why.

Draw a picture of an animal with some people food that the animal might like.

Make a list as to why the dragons like tacos.

Draw a picture of a dragon.

Make a list of food that you like (and/or a list of food you don’t like).


What this Teaches Kids:

Sometimes it is a good story to put together bizarre things.

Imaginations are just as much fun as taco parties.

Everyone has foods that they like and dislike. It is okay to have different tastes.

It is good to make food that your friends enjoy if you are inviting them over.

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