About Joella

I am a librarian who loves stories. I think books are very good company. And I am not above dressing in costume if the need arises (which it often does)!

Along with my love of books I enjoy fun projects and parties. This website is a place where I document all the great books I read, projects I make, parties I plan, and other things that I do.

You may wonder what Cinjoella is. When I was younger I loved Cinderella…in fact I thought I was Cin-joella and that particular fairytale was about me. The name Cinjoella is in honor of my love of imagination…and a touch of magic!

Welcome to my story!

2 thoughts on “About Joella

  1. I wandered into your site looking for ideas for hats for our Star Wars Reads Day at the library. I, too, am a librarian, and just love your Ewok hats. Where did you get the pattern for them?

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