Summer Reading Program Teams: Alien Bulletin Boards

Each summer for our Summer Reading Program we divide the kids up into three teams when they sign up. They stick their hand in a box and randomly draw which team they are one. This year we did three alien teams: orange triangles, yellow circles, and blue squares. Then when they come to the library throughout the summer they record how many hours that they have read since the last time they came to the library. Then we add up all the hours and show which team has read the most. At the end of the summer we have a end of summer reading party. At that party we announce what team has read the most for the summer.


These pictures are of our bulletin board as we announced that aliens were coming to the library. First we had a planet that the aliens were on realizing they wanted to head to Earth. Then we have the aliens in their spaceships heading over to Earth. This was the first look that the kids got as to what teams would be around the Tumwater Library this summer.



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