Paris In Love Bridal Shower

So my friend got married! Huzzah. And I was helping to put her bridal shower together with her twin sister. We knew that she loved Paris (and all things French) so we decided to throw a Paris is Love bridal shower. Here is a bunch of pictures of all the details that we put together for the bridal shower.

One of the first things that I did was write some french words on the vases that held the white flowers. We felt that a black and white color thing would be classic.

I also did a small Eiffel Tower design on a paper weight. And there were lots and lots of pictures of the happy couple around to decorate. (Yeah, we stole the pictures from the wedding decorations. But hey, they totally fit in with our bridal shower decor!)

We also had a lot of pictures of Paris and of the bride that we put up all over. The extra pictures were used under the vases and picture frames. The extra Paris decor was borrowed from Becky’s house…since she decorated with it.

This heart-shaped glass dish had “Paris in Love” painted on it. It was where people would get their pens for the advice postcards and other games.

Here is some Paris decorations from Becky’s room that we put up all over.

I made an Eiffel Tower sheet to cover the bookshelf. Becky’s twin sister had already made the Eiffel Tower quilt as a gift for Christmas. So we used that to cover the rocking chair.

This was my favorite part. I spray painted clothespins to be black. Then we strung ribbon up all over the room in a zig-zag pattern. And we clipped some pictures that I mounted on to different black and white scrapbook paper across the ribbons. This looked amazing. Half of the pictures were of Becky with various people. The other half were of famous places in Paris. I loved how this particular thing pulled the whole theme together.

One of my other favorite things was these Paris/Becky jars that I made. I got five different glass jars with music stanzas on them. One side of the jars has “Paris” and the other side of the jars says “Becky”. We had the white chocolate Eiffel Towers in them.

So one of the games that we played was a variation of the bridal shower game where you ask the Bride a whole bunch of questions about the groom. But this time we gave these cards to all the guests. “Corriger” means “right” and “Mal” is
“wrong” in French. If the guest thought the bride was correct in her answer they would hold up the “Corriger” card. If they thought she was wrong they would hold up the “Mal” card.

Of course we had balloons at the end of the street and by the house to make sure that everyone could find the right house for the party.

These were the boxes of favors. We put candy in them and tied them up with all sorts of black ribbons. Then we added a heart that was stamped on vellum paper that had “Merci” written on it.

I must say, it was a very fun bridal shower.

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