Beep and Bah by James Burks

So this book proves that robots are possible best friends. And so are goats. But robots are cooler. So Beep and Bah are best friends (I know, I just said that…butĀ goats also repeat themselves so I’m okay in saying it twice). Bah wakes up one day and finds one sock. And Beep comes to the rescue to try to help Bah find the matching sock. They go all over while Beep asks various animals if they know where the other sock is and if the sock belongs to them. It is quite the adventure. The fun, bright illustrations are in a format that is similar to graphic novels…which is fun. And basically I LOVE the book. I think I need to make myself a robot…because I want someone like Beep to be my adventure friend. I wonder if my nephew will make a robot for me…then my robot can “beep” 5 stars!

What to do after reading this book:
Make a robot friend (out of random bits of junk around the house).
Take pairs of socks and “hide” one of them around the house. Then play a matching sock game.
Make sock puppets!
Have a whole conversation where you only speak “animal” languages.
Go on an adventure (around the house, the neighborhood, or the park).

What this will do:
It will teach kids about determination and problem solving.
It will help readers learn about how one word can have multiple meanings.
It will encourage kids to make friends with those that are different from them.
It will show that sometimes it is okay to go along with your friend’s crazy plans.

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