My Sisters Ate Bugs!

So like on any good vacation part of the fun is eating some really good food. Natalia even was sad that she missed the chili festival in Jo’burg because we were going on safari. (But she did get her picture taken in this chili festival photo op…isn’t she cute with her sombraro?) Anyway, so we knew that food in Africa would be memorable, like any good vacation, right? Well…it turns out one meal in particular was especially memorable.

While in Livingstone, Zambia one of my sisters ordered these caterpillars for their meal.

Another sister ordered these bits of crocodile in a spicy sauce. Peri peri (I think). Do you see the sweet potato fries in the background? Yeah. That’s what I ordered. Can you guess what got eaten the most? Just take a wild gander.

At least we got some good documentation. Look how exited Natalia is to eat her caterpillars. Doesn’t that just make you want to try them too?


On second thought…maybe ordering them wasn’t as good of a suggestion. I mean, let’s take a closer look at what she is trying to eat.

Would you eat that? Really? Would you?

This is what Natalia looked like after she had it in her mouth. I don’t think it tastes like chicken. And how about those crunchy legs? Do you like having them stuck in your teeth? It is a good incentive to floss!

Here is Cammy as she stares at what she is about to eat. Natalia was the brave one who tried it first. Cammy was second. And it did take a bit longer for her to eat hers.

But she did it. I won’t show you her face after she ate it though. Let’s just say she probably won’t ever eat those again.

How about me you ask? Did you eat those nasty bugs too? Well take another look at this thing. Do you really think I would eat that? Naw! Not me! I did try the spicy crocodile though. And can you guess what I thought about that?

So…what would you have ordered? Caterpillars? Crocodile? Or Sweet Potato Fries? No really, what would you have eaten?

3 thoughts on “My Sisters Ate Bugs!

  1. Oh gross!!! When we went to Peru we ate Gineau (?) pig. I thought that was gross but Caterpillar’s is way worse. I have had crocodile before, not my favorite.

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