Ten Little Beasties by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley

You can sing the whole book.

One little
Two little
Three little beasties…

Got the tune stuck in your head yet? Great, then the book starts going backwards.

Ten little
Nine little
Eight little beasties…

And so on. The joy will come in looking at the various illustrations of beasties and singing a song that will be easy for litlte kiddies to catch onto. I like books like this. Especially when kids can “read” the words because they understand what comes next. And sometimes a storytime needs a good book to sing. Four stars!

What to do after reading this book:
Make your own beasties out of random shapes and bits of paper
Sing the song, then make up your own song to that tune (Ten Little Kisses or Ten Little Penguins anyone?)
Sing the book and clap out the syllables while you sing
Make “beasties” with shapes drawn with sidewalk chalk
Check out other books by Emberley and make Emberley-like illustrations to your own story

What this does:
Teaches kids about counting forward and backward from 1 to 10
Sings words, which helps kids break down the syllables of words, which helps them understand how bits of sounds are put together to make words
Shows that collections of shapes can come together to make illustrations

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