Summer Reading Teams

I mentioned before that when the Tumwater Library does Summer Reading we put all the kids on teams. Here is a picture of the three alien teams racing across space as kids go around reading and recording the hours they have spent reading. It was all great fun. As you can see we have our three aliens in their space ships racing across the color-coordinated stars. The numbers that are on the space ships are the amount of hours read that were recorded for each team.

These are some of the aliens that were to cheer on the Blue Square Team, the Yellow Circle Team, and the Orange Triangle Team as the three teams moved across the board. Aren’t they cute? My co-worker made them and I just loved them!

This is what the teams look like when we have stopped collecting hours that each of the participants have read…but haven’t announced the winning team yet. The number of hours that was written on the laminated alien space ship is erased and three question marks are written on with dry erase marker. And this year, the winner was the Orange Triangle Team (the team with the yoda-like alien). The cake and decorations at the End of Summer Reading Party were all orange. More on that to come.

I love the teams. The kids get so excited to tell me all about how much they have read since the last time they came to the library. And I love the fact that they celebrate working together to read a lot as a team (even when they really don’t know everyone on their randomly-assigned team). Yeah for Summer Reading!

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