Making an Eiffel Tower Background

At the Paris in Love Bridal Shower that Rachel and I threw for Becky (if you missed it look here for the decorations and here for the food) one of the things I really wanted to do was to make an Eiffel Tower background of some sort. I just thought it would make the atmosphere just right for a Paris theme. So I decided to make one out of a sheet and some black and white polka-dot ribbon (to keep with our black and white theme). Here is what I did:

I started by getting a flat white sheet and four rolls of polka-dot ribbon.

Then I used one whole roll of ribbon to make a rough outline of the Eiffel Tower. Once I was happy with the outline I used a fabric glue stick (one of my favorite things to use…helps to keep fabric in place then it comes out in the wash) and some pins (to be extra sure it would stay put) to keep everything in place.

I had to do a little extra finessing to make sure that the top of the tower looked okay. But with a few extra pins and a touch more of fabric glue I was good to go.

Then I sewed down the whole outline/ribbon in the center of the ribbon. I wanted to make sure that there was a flap available for all the insides (more on that soon).

Then I put out some stripes going diagonal one way. I once again used the glue and the pins to keep everything in place. But I tucked the ends under the inside flaps. I sewed the diagonal lines as well as the area where the flap and the ends of the diagonal ribbon meet. That way I knew that nothing would come out and show off any frayed ends.

Then I did the whole thing with the other set of diagonal lines. In this shot you can see how I am laying out the lines. Once I have the line where I wanted it I would cut the extra off and tuck the ends under the ribbon flaps from the tower outline.

Here it is after I sewed both sides of diagonal lines on.

And then we put it up at the bridal shower to make it seem more like a Paris in Love party…and to help hide a beautiful bookcase full of color. (I LOVE bookcases and books, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to help keep the colors to the black and white…and the bookcase had loads more color than that.) Anyway, I thought it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

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