Star Wars Reads Day Bulletin Board

We are pretty excited to participate in the Star Wars Reads Day program around the country. And of course we have to advertise for it with a bulletin board. So here is what we came up with. It started out with saying “Coming Star Wars Reads Day Is…” but people needed to know just what day Star Wars Reads Day is, so it got changed up by my coworker…which was a brilliant idea! I love that one day a little kid came in and was looking at the bulletin board with his parent and informed the parent that “It sounds funny ‘cuz that’s how Yoda speaks.” I love it!

And do you see that fun Star Wars Reads Day poster in the background?

Here it is a bit closer. Yeah, my brother designed that for our library. He is pretty cool! And people are really liking this poster as well.

May the force be with you all on Star Wars Reads Day!

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