Star Wars Crimson Empire III Empire Lost by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley

Star Wars Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost

Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley
Script: Mike Richardson
Art: Paul Gulacy
Colors: Micahel Bartolo
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Dave Dorman
Dark Horse Books, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-59582-934-4
FORMAT: Graphic Novel
AGE: Elementary School, Middle School
3 Stars

Kir Kanos is the last surviving member of Emperor Palpatine’s royal guard. He has always vowed to destroy the rebels who destroyed his master. Mirith is now protecting Leia and her family, but she can’t forget about Kir Kanos and his promises. When another tries to get Kir Kanos to join in the destruction of the new government, Kir Kanos and Mirith both have to decide just exactly it is they believe in and what they will do about it.

Star Wars is a very popular subject in my library. Graphic Novels are a popular format in my library. When you put the two together it doesn’t take much other than flashing the book in front of a kid before they want to check it out. However, there is another reason to check out this book. It is good. The story is interesting. It takes place after all the Star Wars movies, so kids will have to think and pay attention to know what is happening. They can’t just guess based on what they may have seen. Also, the characters aren’t just good or bad…there is a depth that readers have to discover to see who really is bad and who really is good. Readers just never know what may or may not happen. The illustrations are pretty good as well. Leia, Luke, and Han Solo are represented well enough that you know it is them without them being the stereotype Star Wars characters. And the other characters fit right in. There are lots of dark and light elements that give the feeling of mystery and intrigue. And I like how every now and again the panel might take up the whole page with just space and a spacecraft. Those that enjoy Star Wars or graphic novels just might find a good book waiting for them when they pick up this one.

Book Discussion Questions:
Why would Leia trust Mirith?
Is Kir Kanos bad? Good? Somewhere in between? Why?
Should Luke have been worried about Leia and her family’s safety?
How do the pictures help the story progress? Pick out a page and talk about what the panels on that page do for the story.

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