Fancy Nancy Bulletin Board

So I had made this Fancy Nancy character that I wanted to use on a bulletin board. But I also knew that I wanted to use some of her books on the bulletin board. But I didn’t want just the book covers…I wanted to make them seem like actual books. So I got some paper and some of the book covers (and I laminated the book covers).

Then I folded two pieces of paper (times two…so four pieces of paper total) in quarters.

Then I placed them behind one of the Fancy Nancy covers.

Then I trimmed off the edges so that it would seem like a book.

Then when I stapled them onto the bulletin board I stapled the edges so it would seem like a book.

Then I put a whole bunch of books on the board to celebrate all things Fancy Nancy.

And put up the words “Reading is Fancy!” just because I couldn’t help myself.

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